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Paris 2024
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Welcome to gsm2go.
Home of the world's best eSIM.
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This eSIM is a keeper.
Business Class Cellular Roaming.
Voice and data.
Global Roaming. Reusable. Comes with a phone number
Turn your phone into a Dual SIM phone with the gsm2go eSIM.
Make international calls for a fraction of the price.
Direct dial. Crisp and clear audio. Bypass your carrier's international dial rates.
Instead of paying $10/day and $0.35/minute
We offer a seamless solution
with better performance and
a much lower price
The gsm2go eSIM - one of a kind. A Keeper
The only global roaming solution with a UK (and USA, on request) phone numbers
The gsm2go eSIM.
The only global eSIM with a phone number.
Use it for incoming, outgoing and SMS.
Takes but a few minutes to Install.
You can buy now and install before you go.
Going to the U.S.?
Ask for a U.S. local number for your eSIM.
We will surprise you

We offer more data and more days in each plan. And real voice calls.

Eras Tour EU24

13 GB (and up to 50 GB plans)

13 Days (and up to 31 days)
From $19.89

Paris 24

50 GB (and up to 50 GB plans)

31 Days (and up to 31 days)
From $45

Europe and more

1.5 GB (and up to 50 GB plans)

8 Days (and up to 31 days)
From $5

USA and Canada

1.5 GB (and up to 50 GB plans)

8 Days (and up to 31 days)
From $5


1.5 GB (and up to 50 GB plans)

8 Days (and up to 31 days)
From $5


1.5 GB (and up to 50 GB plans)

8 Days (and up to 31 days)
From $9


1.5 GB (and up to 50 GB plans)

8 Days (and up to 31 days)
From $6


1.5 GB (and up to 50 GB plans)

8 Days (and up to 31 days)
From $6

What's Unique About Us

Comes with a UK mobile phone number
*With the Talk Time add-on option. Many other countries’ numbers available upon request
Not a scratch and dump eSIM. This eSIM is a keeper
*With the Talk Time add-on option: You can keep your gsm2go eSIM after your travel and make international calls and receive calls on your UK/USA/other phone number.
You can install your eSIM immediately after purchasing
You have 90 days to start using your plan. But once you activate it on your phone and register on a network, your plan’s allocated duration begins.
eSIM Compatible Phone list
Please make sure your phone is eSIM compatible. Check our eSIM compatible phone list. eSIM Compatible Phone list

Frequently Asked Questions

Soft SIM for smart phones, an embedded SIM.  For all intensive purposes, the same as a plastic SIM card (chip), but an eSIM is downloaded into your phone after scanning a QR code (or using a dedicated app).
Once downloaded, your phone becomes a Dual SIM phone, and you can decide which SIM is primary and which is secondary for calls and for data.
Different phones offer different configuration options for the use of your SIM and eSIM together.
See the gsm2go eSIM compatible phones guide here.

The answer is yes (and this is a rare find).
We offer some voice minutes with all our plans, so you can actually talk to people when in travel (as opposed to relying on WhatsApp etc. for voice).
You can call the hotel, call your driver, receive texts, tell the restaurant you are running late.
All those things you are used to doing with your phone when you are home, you can do in travel with the gsm2go eSIM.
We provide a good amount of courtesy minutes with all our plans, and if you run out, you can always use the gsm2go wallet for more voice minutes, as needed.

The gsm2go eSIM comes with a UK phone number by default.
And we can assign additional incoming numbers on request from many countries across the globe.
(You can decide which of your incoming numbers will be displayed on outgoing calls).
Your eSIM will receive calls (on its incoming phone numbers), as long as it is alive, while you are home or in travel.

We will send you a text (SMS) message when you reach two thirds usage of your data plan.
(Sometimes such messages fail to arrive but this is rare)
Then you can buy another plan if you want.
Alternatively, you can choose auto-renewal when you buy an eSIM and we will automatically apply a new plan if your data allocation is depleted.

gsm2go is a veteran in the world of global roaming.
Since 2009, we have sold directly and thru distributors over 600,000 SIM Cards.
Our distinction has always been high quality service: not expensive but not cheap either (when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys).
We are able to deliver dramatic savings when compared to roaming with your home-country service provider. We do that without depreciation in quality of service.
When we say quality service we refer to our cellular infrastructure, choice of carriers, billing and provisioning platform, and customer service and tech support.
Our enterprise customers have been with us for more than a decade. That must say something about us.

Our eSIM is a relatively new product.
We made use of the worlds quiet time in 2020 and 2021 to complete extensive testing and to build this customer facing service, for you.

We recommend 1.5 GB for short travel (about a week), 3.5 GB for medium length trips, and 6 GBs for longer trips.
We also recommend optimizing your phone for cellular data roaming so it does not consume cellular data needlessly.
Please see the gsm2go cellular data roaming optimization guide.
Configuring your phone for optimized cellular data use while in travel only takes a few minutes and it will not affect your use of the phone.

The eSIM can stay in your phone as long as you keep it alive (gsm2go offers a “keep eSIM alive” service for the eSIM for $1/month).

Then you can use it for your next trip and in between trips, you can use your eSIM for outgoing international calls.

We offer a talk time add-on with 100 minutes of international long distance for $8

Yes, of course. (Unlike most others!)
And incoming texts are free.
You can register for services while abroad and receive authentication messages.
(You will not be able to do that with services that provide data only SIMs)

Once you choose a plan, check out, and pay, we will send you an email with your eSIM QR code.
All you need to do is scan the QR code, from your phone’s camera, and 5 minutes later, your gsm2go eSIM will be up and running in your phone.
Please see our support section for a very simple guide, how to install on an iPhone or an Android.

Not an option with gsm2go eSIM. Your service is prepaid.

We cover the globe.
With the gsm2go plastic SIM, we provide over 160 countries.
With the new gsm2go eSIM, our coverage as of the beginning of 2022 is approximately 100 countries.
This means almost all most likely travel destinations.
And if you are going somewhere our eSIM coverage is not yet available, contact us. We will send you a regular plastic SIM.

Almost all the photos in this website were taken in recent years by gsm2go team members.