The World's Best eSIM - Roaming Professionals, Since 2009

gsm2go, Inc provides global cellular roaming since 2009.

Our switching infrastructure and network operations center is located in the UK.

gsm2go INC is a Delaware, USA company.

Up until recently, we distributed SIM cards to our distributors, resellers and end users.

During 2020, we made use of the hiatus and completed testing of our new eSIM.

In 2021, we worked hard to make our new eSIM available to you, right here, right now.

We always shied away from the buy-and-dispose Travel SIMs market.

We never tried to be the cheapest offer out there either.

We believe that when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, and we are not in the peanuts nor monkeys business.

We are here to provide you with trustworthy connectivity while you travel - - for a cost effective, competitive price (often times, generating savings of approximately 70% when competed to your home service)

We always insisted on offering business grade service, even if it costs us more.

Using gsm2go, you will find that

  • We have multiple roaming agreements in most countries
  • Our roaming agreements are with the prominent networks. (In the U.S., our roaming partner is AT&T. In Europe, our primary roaming partner is Vodafone)
  • Our data speeds will astound you. Its real 4G. Not fake.
  • Our voice carries are the worlds best (you will sense minimal latency in your gsm2go voice calls)
  • And we deliver your caller ID (and not a fake caller ID) on your outgoing calls.

Most of our customers keep our SIMs (and now, our eSIMs) and remain our customers, for years on end.

We build relationships and maintain those relationships with:

  • Hard work
  • Real customer service
  • Never-give-up tech support.

We invite you to become a loyal customer.