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eSIM install and setup guide (under 5 minutes)

  • Please make sure you have a stable data connection, not limited by a company firewall (WiFi or 4G or 5G or LTE)


iPhone 11 or newer (unlocked):
  • Open the camera, scan the QR code (from your PC or tablet or from another device.)
  • Tap on [Cellular Plan] (the yellow tag that appeared when you point the camera at the QR code)
  • Install Cellular Plan screen:
  • Tap on [Continue]. Now your handset is verifying the QR Code; Your phone needs to be on WiFi or Cellular Data active for this to work.
  • Add Cellular Plan screen:- Tap on [Add Cellular Plan]
  • Cellular Plan Labels: Label the new plan (the one you just added) “gsm2go” (or any other name you like for it which distinguishes it from your home SIM card). Tap on [Continue]
  • Default Line (for voice calls).
  • Change to your gsm2go eSIM when you travel. (You can do that now, or later, and you can always change back and forth). Tap on [Continue]
  • iMessage & FaceTime:
  • No need to change to your gsm2go eSIM. Tap on [Continue]
  • Cellular Data:
  • Select the gsm2go eSIM for cellular data when you travel. (We recommend that you do not allow Cellular Data Switching to avoid roaming charges from your home service provider). Tap on [Continue]
  • Making sure everything is ready:
  • Go to Settings/Cellular/
  • Here you can see which SIM is active. gsm2go should be selected for Cellular Data and Voice when you travel
  • Under Settings/Cellular – Cellular Plans, click on gsm2go eSIM
  • Switch Data Roaming On

Android (Samsung S20 or newer, Google Pixel, others):
  • Scan the QR code using your camera or:
  • Settings > Connections
  • SIM card manager
  • Add mobile plan
  • Go at the bottom of the page ‘Other ways to add plans’ and choose “Add using QR code”
  • Position the QR Code within the guided lines to scan it
  • Add new mobile plan? [Add]
  • Turn on new mobile plan? [OK]
  • Once you have activated your eSIM, you can view it in SIM card manager
  • In SIM card manager in the Preferred SIM card section, tap on Mobile data and select your new eSIM as preferred.
  • Back in the Connections menu:
  • Tap on [Mobile networks] and switch Data roaming ON
  • In some handsets, you may need to configure the APN settings.
  • APN Name: mobiledata
  • APN: mobiledata
  • Then disable WiFi in the connections menu (for testing mobile data on the new eSIM)

Your new gsm2go eSIM is ready.


Click here to download this eSIM install guide.